Bioluminescence Tour at Night

Witness Glow-in-the-Dark Marine Life

Use Float Noodles to Explore the Waters

Snorkeling Gear & Wetsuits Included

Get up close and personal to one of Grand Cayman’s most fascinating natural phenomena! On this boat tour of Bio Bay, we’ll watch the bioluminescent plankton twinkle against the night sky and marvel at the sea of deep blue lights.

What’s In Store?

Experience the otherworldly impact of the beautiful underwater light show known as bioluminescence.

Feel free to admire the plankton from the back of the boat, or grab some snorkeling gear and hop on in!

The charter departs in the evening, so the dark skies and tranquil waters make spotting the glow-in-the-dark creatures a breeze.

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Overview of Your Charter

Price Per Charter

US $600

Departure Time


Meeting Point

164 Yacht Dr, West Bay. Next to Anchors Store


This tour is currently unavailable.

Note: We recommend reserving early during busy season, Christmas, New Year, and Spring Break.


2 hours

Maximum Group Size

8 people


  • Transportation(if needed): Pick-up and drop-off available from hotel, condominiums, or cruise ship terminal to the marina at Cayman Islands Yacht Club.
  • Full-body wetsuit
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Life vests
  • Float noodles
  • Bottled water
  • Soda
  • Ice

Not Included


What To Bring

  • Snorkeling gear (if you have your own that you’d like to use)
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Any snacks or drinks you’d like to have

Tour Staff

You will be accompanied by a captain and first mate.

Experience the Glowing Lights of Bioluminescent Bay

Join us for a Bioluminescence Tour on the stunning waters off the coast of Grand Cayman. We offer pick-up from Seven Mile Beach, George Town, and West Bay, or if you prefer to transport yourself, meet us at Dock D1 of the Cayman Island Yacht Club. From there, we’ll head out about 20 minutes until we reach Bio Bay, home of the bioluminescent plankton. The water here is very shallow (between 4 and 5 feet deep), and we will provide you with float noodles so that you can avoid standing on the delicate ocean floor.

In Bio Bay, you’ll find yourself among flickering blue lights emitted by the plankton in the clear ocean water. Feel free to stick your hands and feet in — and swirl the water around a bit to see the colors dance! We provide wetsuits and snorkeling gear in case you want to hop in completely and see the plankton up close. Overall, Bio Bay is one of the jewels of Grand Cayman’s crown, and you won’t want to miss it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! They are harmless and will not sting you. Feel free to swirl the water around with your hands and feet, or hop in and go snorkeling. We simply ask that you do not stand in the shallow water, as doing so can harm the marine life living on the ocean floor. For this reason, we provide float noodles.

Yes! We encourage you to bring your camera in order to capture Bio Bay’s otherworldly atmosphere.

We offer pick-ups for up to seven people in Seven Mile Beach, George Town, and West Bay. If your hotel or condo is located in any of these areas, we will be happy to transport you!

Sure thing! There is a Hard Rock Cafe only a few minutes walk from the cruise terminal, and we will meet you there. To get to this meeting point, come out of the cruise terminal and turn right at the sidewalk. The Hard Rock Cafe will then be on the waterfront on your left. Please keep in mind that we can only transport up to seven passengers.

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